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Ipanema Technologies Launches New Cloud Application Management Solution

ipanemaEarlier this week, Ipanema Technologies announced a new Cloud Application Management solution designed to help organizations better control their network resources. In particular, the CAM solution offers deeper insight into how applications, particularly those based in the cloud, are affecting a network, and can allow organizations to better guarantee application uptime.


According to David White, Ipanema’s Vice President of North American Operations:  “Accessing applications from the cloud simplifies a company’s IT but drastically increases the complexity of the demands placed upon its network. Applications compete for often scarce network resource and traditional methods for ensuring efficient performance are rendered ineffective as hardware cannot always be placed in cloud data centers and much is beyond the company’s control.”

In fact, Ipanema cited a recent study of businesses with over 1000 employees that found a 72% usage rate of cloud applications, with a 28% complaint rate as it relates to network “hogging.” The company explained that the new CAM solution has two reporting options to gain insight into these troubles: a Time Evolution report and an Overview. The Time Evolution report provides a general tech picture a specific site for a specific time frame, while the Overview provides a deeper look into the network, including information on usage by customer and insight into which applications have the worst performance, and why.

Source:  BusinessWire Press Release 19 September, 2013

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