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Tech Analyst: Windows XP Users Still Hanging On

According to a press release issued today by tech analyst Jeff Kagan, Windows XP users are still hanging on to old times. “With all the talk about Windows Vista, 7 and 8, the truth is roughly one-third of all users may still be on XP and staying put,” Kagan says.

Per a Computerworld article by Gregg Keizer, it is clear that the Windows XP decline has stalled as users hang onto this older operating system and ignore the approaching 2014 deadline.

“This is shocking and telling. Is Microsoft listening to their customers? If roughly one-third of all users still prefer Windows XP, Microsoft has some real problems to deal with. Microsoft keeps upgrading their operating system, but quite a few users simply don’t want any part of it. They are happy with the older Windows XP rather than wrestling with new technology, and want to stay that way as long as they possibly can,” says Kagan.

Kagan adds that it is an “outdated philosophy” to think that vendors can tell their customers what they can (and cannot) use, especially as other operating systems and software are increasingly introduced by competitors.

The Microsoft model is set up so in order for them to continue growing, users must buy new versions of Windows and software. Even if customers are happy, they are forced to upgrade. That means lots of expense and headaches getting it all to work together.

Additionally, the average customers (especially SMBs) have their own business to run. They don’t want to be forced to keep up with a constantly changing software industry if what they have works.

“The Microsoft model is outdated and needs to be brought into this century or I am afraid they will lose. Microsoft has a strong market share. They can hang onto that share if they act the right way. They must treat their customers with respect and not dictate unwanted changes. Many users do want new technology like Windows Vista, 7 and 8. However many other users are happy with XP and are being forced to change and upgrade and learn a new OS. That is a problem,” says Kagan.

Kagan advises that in light of these findings, Microsoft should consider a multiple stage approach. “Many users want innovations. Great. That’s the traditional model. However Microsoft is missing another opportunity to give customers what they want. They should also let users who are happy with Windows XP to stay put,” he says. “Perhaps after a certain number of years the user can renew their subscription to XP. That way Microsoft can increase earnings from this segment and customers can remain happy. What’s the problem with that model Microsoft? It works for Apple.”

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Sunday, 26 May 2019