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Cbeyond Releases Security Best Practice Tips List

cbeyond smallCbeyond recently released a list of five best-practice security tips for SMBs as part of their “Technology Ally” series. The list was composed primarily for employee and customer data practices, and was aimed at SMBs, as they have a lot to lose from a data breach.

The five tips outlined by Cbeyond are as follows:

  1. Understand how important your data really is. In particular, Cbeyond recommends looking at a scenario in which data was lost or stolen by a competitor. How would your organization’s reputation handle a breach?
  2. When considering new technology, caution is key. Cbeyond recommends SMBs take the time to weigh the risks and benefits of implementing any “convenience technology.” If the SMB decides to implement a new policy, such as BYOD, a formal rule set must be set in place. SMBs are highly encouraged to work with reputable vendors to create policies if they have no dedicated IT staff.
  3. Follow security basics. Implement a policy that requires strong passwords and keep all systems updated.
  4. Employee caution. Cbeyond explains that, often, employees are at the front of the security lines, and may be responsible for unintended breaches. Encourage all employees to exercise caution when presented with unsafe or “iffy” e-mails and websites, and to ask questions if they are not sure about a site’s security.
  5. Have a formal security policy in place. Cbeyond suggests having a formal written policy in place, which is analyzed and updated at least once a year. SMBs should also have security education available for both employees and customers.

Source: Cbeyond Press Release, 28 July 2013

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