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My goal is simple: enable small businesses to compete on a level playing field through the use of affordable cloud technologies. I understand the challenges of small business and know how to use technology to overcome those challenges and succeed. Enabling small business is what I do.
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To Fight or Not To Fight Office 365: That Is Not the Question

As the airplane from Seattle landed at the Tokyo Airport, Alan couldn’t help but smile at the thought of how much fun he would have with his son’s family in Matsumoto, a town three hours west of Tokyo. He had not seen his grandchildren for three years, and it was all Alan could do to contain his excitement when he received a text message—complete with a photo of his three beautiful grandkids—from his son saying they were eagerly waiting for him at the baggage claim area. When the flight attendant finally announced that the doors were open, Alan had to resist the urge to squeeze past the elderly gentleman ahead of him who was taking too long to dislodge his carry-on bag from the overhead compartment.

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Angela McLaughlin
This feels like a sales pitch for a Office 365/SkyKick but I don't see how your information addresses any pain points for business... Read More
Thursday, 09 January 2014 11:01
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