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An easy way to “attach” revenue to every Office 365 customer

There has been a lot of talk about how partners can and should adapt to the rise of cloud-based software, with particular focus on how to replace revenue from sources like on-site server and software installations Harry had a 3-part series on the issue a few months ago, and many other knowledgeable sources have written and spoken about it. In short, the transition to the cloud is happening, and is even picking up speed. This means that partners need to adapt in order to capitalize on the transition. Smart partners are finding new ways to attach revenue to cloud-based software like Office 365. That’s where our friends at attachedapps come in.

attachedapps are a suite of simple yet powerful apps that help customers track contacts, manage sales and service customers without having to adopt complex and expensive CRM products. The apps are easily “attach” to Office 365 and Outlook (hence the clever name), and are a perfect way for partners to add additional revenue to their Office 365 and Exchange customers. Most SMB customers don’t want or need a full CRM solution, and wind up using programs like Excel to manage their contacts. attachedapps are a great solution for those customers, as well as customers who have been running Microsoft Business Contact Manager, which has been discontinued.

Plus, the company is taking one of the most aggressive partner-first strategies we have ever seen. They offer very generous revenue sharing and have a number of ways for partners to build services revenue around their apps, including attachedContacts, which is free. They even enable partners to have a live tile on the application dashboard of your customers. We’ve never seen that from a software vendor before! You should check them out: and see them in person at the Office 365 tour. It’s time to start attaching more revenue to your Office 365 customers!

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Friday, 28 February 2020