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Win10 Hunger – Are You Starved For Information?

win10siteA trending topic in the IT Pro community is Windows 10. Whether you fancy other communities, such as Office 365, Windows Server 2003 end-of-support (W2k3 EOS), post-SBS or hybrid, everything circles back to the desktop operating system. Love it or hate it, you can’t leave it.

I interviewed Onuora Amobi, the guy behind the Windows 10 Update site (where you can discover a primer on “What is Windows 10” here). He is a former Microsoft MVP for Windows, and he has been writing about Windows since Vista in 2007. Since that time, he has been following the Windows product development very closely. He has built an audience in excess of 250,000 followers. “It’s a lot of enterprise people on site and receiving the newsletters, lots of executives and tech people. The geography is 55 percent North America and 25 percent Europe with the rest varied.” Amobi shared.

I offered that Windows 10 is a cosmetic upgrade at first blush, after running it myself on a test machine. “It’s much more than a UI upgrade. The Windows 10 vision is a lot more extensive than that. I’d offer it’s a comprehensive look at the Windows franchise.” Amobi said. “Look forward to Windows as a Service, as opposed to an application. Look for cross-platform support, and look for support from new CEO who is betting on Windows 10 to be big.”

That led to the next question. It concerns me that Windows is a ‘hit’ every second release, dating back to Windows 3.1, in my opinion. I asked Amobi if Windows 10 will have the “luck of the Irish” and recover from Windows 8.x? “Yeah, I see a lot more positive reaction from our audience and I am hopeful.” Amobi offered.

Timing?“Latest rumor is RTM in June, will hit the stores for back to school (again - this is the rumor). It’s more important for Microsoft to get it right than to get it out quickly," said Amobi in our interview.

Final thoughts. Let me know if you think we could justify a Windows 10 day at our annual Fall Conference in Redmond in early October, 2015?


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Wednesday, 11 December 2019

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