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2016 SMB Salary Survey Results: Educated and Educated!

2016 SMB Salary Survey Results: Educated and Educated!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The 2016 SMB Salary Survey is now complete. I’m excited to share results over the next few weeks. Let’s get started.

As we always knew – we’re educated. The facts are this. 
• SMB 2016 four-year degree attainment: 44%
• US Average: 32%
The difference is 31.58 percent or nearly one-third. This isn’t a huge surprise as we’re in a technical professional field where education isn’t only a tool but the road to greater professional competence and success.

Oh my! The majority of the respondents were 51-58 in age with no one between 18-25. Houston we have a problem! Close behind was the 43-50 age group. Interestingly I’m seeing young people engage in other areas of technology such as coding, a byproduct of Coder DoJo and Hour of Code in our schools. The median age in the US labor force is roughly 42 years old. By the way, our older demographic suggests there will be a wave of consolidations in the near future. More on that in a future column.

Job Title
Here is the best news of all in my opinion. Over 80 percent (actually 81.49%) of us are business owners, a highly desirable group for several reasons. First, you have much more experience and business acumen than you likely acknowledge. You’re not some corporate Dilbert in a cubicle repeats the same tasks daily. You’re much closer to a wild catter solving new problems daily. You’re something of a risk taker, forgoing the gold watch after 30-years of corporate service. Right on! We are real people living in the real world! You can count yourself as someone who has started, own and operated a business – experience you can’t buy.

IT Experience
This is good and bad news and goes right to the heart of start-over challenges. The good news is that you are certainly competent in your profession (16+ years in IT). The bad news, in my humble opinion, is you might be stuck in your ways. My evidence is both quantitative and qualitative: survey results and conversations. My concern is that you are likely riding the server-side down to the bottom and not tapping your business acumen to perhaps provide Marketing 2.0 consulting services (CRM list AttachedApps; marketing automation systems like Marketo). Experience is a double edged sword. You don’t want too little; you don’t want too much. Like porridge, you want it just right. You read it here first!

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Don’t Miss: 2016 Salary Survey Closes March 31st

Don’t Miss: 2016 Salary Survey Closes March 31st

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there!

We need your support! In order to have a representative data set of the state of SMB compensation and activities, we need more participation. Think of this as Karma Dollars! You contribute your information (confidentially) and you benefit from seeing more rich results (literally). Think of it as crowd sourcing meets the sharing economy.

With respect to viewing this survey from a start-up perspective, I have a story to share. Earlier this month I met a young man at the Channel Partners conference in Las Vegas. He had recently completed college and was all bright eyed and bushy tailed. He sincerely wanted to know what line of work to go into with respect to information technology (IT). He was looking at traditional networking as an MSP. He was looking at telecom as a consultant/sales agent (that is still the predominant audience at Channel Partners). This salary survey can truly benefit our start-up kid! Why? Because he can decide if these professional career paths work for him. The world is his oyster and he can compare our MSP/CSP world to opportunities in Big Data (that conference was upstairs at LeadsCon), online commerce, mobility and even Internet of Things (IoT). That’s that start-up hook to the salary survey.

Discover more and participate in the 2016 Salary Survey here

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Do You Make More (or Less) than Your Peers?

SMB Nation Reveals Results of Its 7th Annual Salary Survey

RangeOfCompBy Anurag Agrawal, CEO, Techaisle

SMB Nation’s 2013 Channel Partner Salary survey reveals that the average salary of channel partner employee is US$101,062 which is up 9 percent from 2012 when it was US$92,544. Analysis of the salary ranges shows that the highest percentages of employees fall within the US$71,000 – US$100,000 gross salary range. In fact, slightly less than one-third get a salary within that range.

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BlackBerry Z10 Check-in: Update and Podcast!

Not a month shall pass without a BlackBerry Z10 update; a few items to report this month.

(Click on the accompanying image to hear more about Harry Jr.'s full BlackBerry Z10 review).

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Make your Voice Heard…Participate in our 7th Annual Salary Survey

SalarySurvey blog imageAre you interested in how much money your peers are making each year? How about looking to compare notes with others who are “in your league” but maybe on a different pay scale? Well then you will definitely want to participate in our Annual Salary Survey, which we are conducting again for the seventh time this year.

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