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Bloodiest tech industry layoffs of 2016 so far

IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and VMware are among those that have been cutting their workforces

By: Bob Brown, Network Wolrd

The number of non-farm jobs added in the United States in recent months has inched up, and the unemployment rate has held steady at 5 percent, but that's not to say the computer and networking industry hasn't suffered its share of layoffs in 2016 to date.

Here's a rundown of some of the more notable layoffs, workforce reductions, resizings or whatever companies want to call them.

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The company is axing another 1,850 staff from its smartphone hardware business, with most of those being  affected at the old Nokia business in Finland. Though 500 others will be let go globally.

Microsoft's 2013 buyout of Nokia's mobile phone business hasn't panned out, with Microsoft's market share stagnating as Android and Apple phones continue to gobble up market share. Microsoft has sold off its feature phone business and is sticking to enterprise-only technology, where it feels it can differentiate itself.


Speaking of Nokia... the telecom network equipment maker was said in April to be cCutting thousands of jobs globally following its acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent. The cuts are part of a plan by the vendor to slash operational costs by $1 billion over the next couple of years

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Check-in: Intel Channel Alliance

By Harry Brelsford, CEO, SMB Nation - 

SMB Nation was present with bells on at the October 7-8 Channel Alliance Summit led by Frank Raimondi, down in Portland at “The Farm.” We caught up with Intel Vice President Todd Garrigues, who carved out a few minutes to discuss the Intel Partner Program. “My focus is on North America.” Garrigues shared. “There is a strong focus on helping grow a healthy diverse channel. We’ll look to continue growth and activity in client/server, IOT, verticals and segments. And we’ll be promoting a focus on technology trends.”logo intel

For the record, there are two types of partners in North America (which Garrigues reported numbers 24,000 members of whom 4,000 are actively engaged). The two types are (1) System Builders and (2) Branded Resellers/VARs/MSPs that have a focus on branded goods.

One interesting area of conversation included specialties. Garrigues communicated that there is a specialty program that provided training and recognition in the following areas: Education, Internet of Things (IOT), and High Performance Computing (HPC).

We ended our chat with Garrigues offering words of encouragement to focus on verticals that can enable channel partners to be successful. One example is retail with an emphasis on digital signage and mobile point-of-sale (POS).

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AlienVault and Intel Collaborate to Expand Enterprise Threat Intelligence Sharing

AlienVault, a crowd-sourced threat intelligence and Unified Security Management provider, announced today collaboration with Intel Security in which Intel Security will integrate AlienVault Open Threat Exchange and the two companies will share real-time, actionable threat data.

"Intel Security is committed to industry collaborations which will help provide critical threat intelligence and better protection to our customers. Working with AlienVault will enable us to exchange threat data and enhance the level of customer protection delivered via McAfee's Global Threat Intelligence system," said David Coffey, vice president for GTI, McAfee Labs, part of Intel Security.

AlienVault OTX supports 26,000 participants globally with more than 1 million threat indicators daily, and the Intel Security GTI cloud provides active protection to more than 6 million customers in myriad customer deployments.

AlienVault suggested an increasingly complex threat landscape requires robust cybersecurity measures and more collaborative sharing of threat data.

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Intel Survey Examines Security Strategies and Incidents

Intel logoIntel Security commissioned the report “Tackling Attack Detection and Incident Response” from Enterprise Strategy Group, examining companies’ security strategies, cyber-attack environment, incident response challenges and needs.

Almost 30 percent of security incidents are targeted attacks, and a slow or inadequate response results in loss of sensitive data.

“Just as the medical profession must deliver heart-attack patients to the hospital within a ‘golden hour’ to maximize likelihood of survival, the security industry must work towards reducing the time it takes organizations to detect and deflect attacks, before damage is inflicted,” said Chris Young, General Manager at Intel Security. “This requires that we ask and answer tough questions on what is failing us, and evolve our thinking around how we do security.”

The survey found respondents are calling for better integration between security tools, improved analytics, help to contextualize data captured, increased expertise and automation to enhance action.

The survey, available here, included 700 IT security professionals at mid-market and enterprise organizations.

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Lenovo Unveils ThinkServers Designed for Virtualization, Cloud Deployments

RD640 16disk 02Lenovo announced this week at the EDUCAUSE annual conference, two new rack servers, the ThinkServer RD540 and ThinkServer RD640. Armed with the latest Intel Xeon E5 processors, these highly efficient and flexible servers are designed for easy integration into existing IT infrastructures that handle demanding virtualization, cloud and compute-intensive workloads.

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Lenovo Announces Pair of Tower Servers at Intel Developer Forum

TS140 05Lenovo today announced at the Intel Developer Forum, two new tower servers, the ThinkServer TS140 and ThinkServer TS440. Armed with the latest Intel Xeon E3 processors and IntelAMT 9.0 for remote manageability, these affordable, whisper-quiet tower servers are designed for performance and scalability, ideal for SMBs and MSPs.

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Windows XP Migration Thought Leader Series: Eric Townsend (Intel)

Eric Townsend IntelWho better than Eric Townsend (pictured) to offer observations on the Windows XP migration matter? Widely recognized as the busiest man in the channel, his professional life mirrors that of the George Clooney character who travels 1 million+ miles in the movie “Up in the Air”! Even with his super busy schedule, we were able to corner Townsend earlier this week for a wide-ranging conversation about April 8, 2014 and the Windows XP migration matter.

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Intel’s Solid State Drive makes Computing “at the Speed of Thought” Possible

This morning at the Cloud Computing Expo held at Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City, Intel announced their new Solid-State Drive DC S3500 Series.

During the expo, Rob Crooke, Intel corporate vice president and general manager for the Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group, spoke about the technology behind this new SSD drive. “When you put the new SSD DC3500 Solid State Drives in the loop with Intel's, new Xeon Processors, Network Interface Cards, Motherboards and software, it makes computing everywhere, but especially in the cloud, run at the speed of thought itself,” Crooke said.

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The Sky’s the Limit

Watch this YouTube video interview at and look for the hot air balloon video in the background. It is so beautiful. I love hot air ballooning. I’ve made many hot air balloon skydives. I can tell you jumping out of a hot air balloon is freaky; just ask my wife and son who went for a hot air balloon experience with me, except, I left them hanging, and jumped out.

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Dell Partners with Industry Leaders to Develop DRIVE Center of Excellence

Dell LogoYesterday, Dell announced that they have partnered with Red Hat, Intel and VMware to develop a Linux-based EHR testing platform for hospitals. Dell is currently showcasing this solution at the the Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2013 in New Orleans, LA.

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Intel Says it will Exit PC Biz…who is Next??

This morning, while doing my usual online news scouring to see what is going on in our industry (and of course what my competitors are up to), I came across a few online posts discussing how Intel is set to leave the traditional desktop PC business. While this is not “new news” with HP last year saying they would do the same (and then backpedaled that it wouldn’t), and also with many speculating that Dell is planning the same path, I felt it was important to bring forth this trend and what it could possibly mean for our industry.

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