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Don't Underestimate the Marketing Power of Your Email Signature

by Deborah Galea  |  December 15, 2015

The average worker sends out about 34 emails a day, according to the Radicati Group. Those emails are exchanged with prospects, customers, suppliers, and business partners, creating a great opportunity to educate and inform contacts by means of a small, yet useful marketing tool: the email signature.

Email signatures include the sender's contact information, job title, and company information. Besides providing useful contact information, the email signature can be used to build company brand awareness, provide company news, and encourage social media interaction.   Muscle Man

Instead of using this tool to its full potential, however, many business emails do not include an email signature at all. And when they do, the email signature is often unprofessional or incomplete.

But by ensuring that each email that your company sends out includes a professional and consistently branded email signature, you can...

1. Increase Brand Awareness

By using company fonts and colors, and adding your logo to email signatures, the recipient will become familiar with the company's brand, which will increase company awareness and recognition. Experts agree that to project a strong brand, every piece of marketing collateral and communication must include the same consistent message, be in line with your brand values, and adhere to your brand guidelines. Companies send thousands of emails per day, so email signatures should be consistent across the board and leave the recipient with the right impression of the company.

2. Promote Company News

Email signatures can be used as "free" marketing tools where announcements can be made about company news, such as a new product release, event or award, or taglines can be added to educate the recipient about the company. By using the email signature space, you can keep your target contacts up to date without being intrusive. You can also include a link to your newsletter sign-up page to remind your customers and contacts to follow your company's news. If there is a special promotion running, why not include it in your email signature?

3. Encourage Social Interaction

Including social media links in email signatures encourages contacts to connect with your company on social media.

A great way to increase website visitors and social media interaction is to include the latest company tweet or post in the email signature. Alternatively, include a call-to-action to join a Twitter competition or take a survey. Why not give your happy customers a way to express their satisfaction with your company's service? Include a line in your email signature inviting them to share their experiences: Did we provide you with excellent service today? We would greatly appreciate a like on our Facebook page!

Although businesses might realize the necessity of consistent, branded email signatures to build their company's image, the manual process of sending email signatures and updates to employees who then have to manually update their signature in their various email programs and devices such as tablets and mobile phones is very tedious. This is why an email signature management system is needed that allows companies to control email signatures from one central location, offloading employees and facilitating marketing.

Central Email Signature Management

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Introducing BizTechXperts — Showcase Your Smarts, Win New Customers, All from the Comfort of Your Inbox

Today’s business marketplace is presenting you with a gi-normous business opportunity. And, now, you can tap it from the comfortable confines of your email inbox.



Then, say hello to, a brand new property officially launching at CompTIA 2015 ChannelCon this week in Chicago.

BizTechXperts, a joint venture between Harry Brelsford's SMB Nation and my own MediaArchiTECHs,  is devoted to helping businesses choose the technologies on which they live and breath, but in a unique way — by providing one-to-one advice from qualified, verified, and identified IT experts just like you.

Hear that? Just like you.

Along with opening the doors to the site, we’re also signing up qualified experts — sorry, we won't take just anyone — from among the thousands of MSPs, CSPs, resellers, ISVs, and integrators who have long been part of the SMBNation community.

'You can join our expert network by filling out this brief form. And, oh, for now, it’s free to you.'

 But there’s a far bigger economic incentive here for you: If you’re one of our experts, we match you to highly qualified leads you can quickly and easily nurture.

You’re wondering, I know: What’s the catch? Is this another forum?

No! Forums fail. Whether you’re seeking an answer or giving one, you have to go to separate place. Then you have to hunt and peck. Bleh!

BizTechXperts is better. At its heart-and-soul is a smart Q&A platform based on cutting-edge natural-language processing technologies that, in the end, gets you a highly qualified lead in the form of an advice seeker. You can try it by typing a question into the little widget on the upper right side of this very page.

How BizTechXperts smart Q&A system works

NOT 'SPRAY AND PRAY.' Natural-language processing and machine learning allows the platform to accurately 'understand' a question so it can be matched to an expert.

When you receive a question, it's accompanied by all the things you typically get with a lead, except for this: It's even more qualified because the question itself contains explicit or implicit signals about the prospect.

What’s more, the platform allows a back-and-forth with the the advice seeker — your prospect — until you’re both ready to connect by phone or your own email addresses.

Think of it as a micro-consulting engagement en route to a recurring revenue contract.

Along with the it’s smart Q&A platform, BizTechXperts is also a complete marketplace, where business buyers can browse reviews, product listings, and — in another free spiff to you — a directory of IT partners like this one from IT Total Care or this one for the Computer Information Agency.

If you’re a product maker or developer, you’re welcome to join this party. You can showcase your product with a basic product listing for free or a rich, paid listing.

Have questions? Sure you do. So we have answers. Go to our FAQ for prospective experts.

Finally, while BizTechXperts brings one other big advantage to the table. Under the uber-brand, we’re launching contextually targeted expert “hubs.” Among the first: One dedicated to Office 365.

These hubs, which we’ll launch around products, technologies, product segments, and verticals, provide the advantage creating a highly authoritative, search friendly destinations of experts, their answers, and other kinds of content.

Please take a look. Apply to join our network. If you’re an IT consultant, MSP, CSP, reseller, get a free listing.

And by all means, feel free to contact us with feedback, questions, or other ways you can participate.

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ManageEngine Adds Auditing Capabilities to Exchange Reporter Plus

Manage EngineManageEngine said today that it has added change auditing and mailbox access monitoring to Exchange Reporter Plus, its Exchange server reporting software. Now, Exchange Reporter Plus can report and alert on critical Exchange events that carry security or compliance implications. In turn, organizations can use Exchange Reporter Plus to implement or enhance an email security and compliance program that easily demonstrates regulatory compliance and prevents data leaks.

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