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Fast Forward into Fall: NetConnect

 Since NetConnect splashed on the US MSP scene in 2Q, I’m monitoring the chatter and am finding that MSPs, while sincerely intrigued, still have more questions about this “Workspace as a Service” (WaaS) solution

designed to implement at SMB customer sites. The purpose of this blog is to dig deep and steep to offer additional WaaS insights. First things first. Take a moment to review prior NetConnect missives here and here.

Once NetConnect is installed and configured, customers are able to access your environment from any device you like; in practical terms, this means you can access that netconnectold, legacy application from the latest iPad!

In fact, customers who use behind-the-times business critical programs get a new lease of life by mobilizing with NetConnect – if the application vendor can’t provide a solution to fit with the modern way of working, NetConnect can step up to the plate. For staff, who need to work offsite and are struggling with the headache of setting up VPN connections or fixing an RDP shortcut that’s inexplicitly stopped working, can now access straigt from their browser-even better, you can do this on a Mac or PC.

This is important. As an added bonus, the unique approach to printing allows user to print to any locally accessible printer with no configuration, driver installs or setup. The company doesn’t have to worry about threats to their network, as no device ever connects to the environment; NetConnect acts like a clear pane of glass.

I can offer that best of all it integrates with Active Directory, meaning there’s not additional accounts to be setup, no additional point of management to be considered for day-to-day tasks and users get single sign on to their applications or desktop - simple. I can’t emphasize that enough.

Next steps
Northbridge Secure runs an active partner program to support NetConnect partners at every possible turn.

  • There’s a certification process for both sales and technical staff as well as access to NFR licence for internal use and demonstration.
  • Northbridge support partners with setting up in-house demo environments, proof of concepts or adding applications to their own public demo to support your sales cycle.
  • Partners are given access to everything they require to independently identify, scope, quote & install.

One of the great advantages NetConnect has over a product like Citrix is the unparalleled access partners have to the sales and technical teams; Northbridge are in that sweet spot of being big enough to produce consistent, stable innovation and yet small and agile enough

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Defining Workspace as a Service (WaaS)

Defining Workspace as a Service (WaaS)

Last Thursday we hosted a well-attended webinar, Wazzup with WaaS?!?!?, that exposed a glaring lack of understanding of this space in the SMB Nation community. That’s okay as it signals a greenfield of opportunity for SMB Nation partners and MSPs to take advantage of. As you know, we’d rather be early than late in technology. WaaS is exactly this and then some.

There was a lot of context drawn out that compared WaaS to VDI, Desktop as a Service (DaaS), Citrix sessions, RDP and even GoToMyPC. Much of this dialog was fueled by audience questions (in fact, we went overtime with the questions). There were conversations about security (of course), geography, and “where” the WaaS resources live (depends on client need).

Deeper Understanding
So let me bring a bit of order to this conversation. According to Webopedia, “Workspace-as-a-Service, or WaaS, is a form of desktop virtualization that provides access to business applications and data from anywhere at any time.” Techopedia has a slightly different definition as “The term "workspace as a service" (WaaS) in IT refers to services that provide end users with a virtual workspace, which is a model of the kinds of resources end users would have at their desk within a physical office environment.” It further goes on to provide additional context as “Workspace as a service is part of a greater category of services often called "software as a service" (SaaS), where vendors deliver services through the Web, instead of sending client software on digital storage media.”

The research firm MarketsandMarkets calculated that the WaaS market will exceed $9.41B by 2019. Notably it’s observations are “… a major force driving this market is the increasing adoption of BYOD in various organizations. The low costs and easy management have led Workspace as a Service solutions and services to the increasing adoption by enterprises and small and medium businesses (SMBs) around the world. The demand for working from anywhere, anytime, using own mobile devices by employees is increasing rapidly.”

Next Steps
First – watch the WaaZ webinar replay by selecting it from our SMB Nation webinar page. It’s an amazing 60-minute investment of time that you will leave richer than when you arrived.

Second – get to know Northbridge Secure. This established Australian-based ISV is entering the US market as I write these words with its NetConnect WaaS solution for the SMB market. Discover more here. 

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Myth busters: Debunking the myths of DaaS and its providers

Attend "Myth busters: Debunking the myths of DaaS and its providers,"  and you'll be able to definitively say, "I ain't afraid of no DaaS."

Companies worldwide have deployed Desktop-as-a-Service, supporting employees with a simple, secure and highly-accessible workspace solution. 

Though it's a simple way to enhance productivity for employees, confusion still surrounds DaaS, especially surrounding what it includes, how it's deployed, and how MSPs, VARS and telecos can add DaaS to their product line as a very profitable part of their business. 

SMB Nation will present "Myth Busters" from 10-11 a.m. Sept. 10 in a live webinar, joined by Scott Markley, nGenx channel sales ngenxexecutive. nGenx continues to be a leader and pioneer in DaaS, and Markley will share his extensive industry experience to bust the biggest myths surrounding DaaS and show you how your business can profitably expand into the cloud.

Learn more about the webinar and register here.

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VMware Acquires DaaS Provider Desktone

VMware logo blk RGB 72dpiVMware announced today at VMworld2013 Europe that it has acquired Desktone, a provider of desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) with an advanced multi-tenant desktop virtualization platform for delivering Windows desktops and applications as a cloud service.

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8x8 Sells Off Dedicated Server Hosting Biz to IRC Company

8x8 logo 250px8x8, Inc. said today that it has sold its dedicated server hosting business to The IRC Company, Inc. (dba Black Lotus Communications) for $3 million in cash. The transaction signed and closed on September 30, 2013.

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independenceIT Integrates ConnectWise Into Cloud Workspace Suite

iIT logoEarlier today, independenceIT announced that they have integrated their Cloud Workspace Suite with ConnectWise.  iIT’s Cloud Workspace Suite is designed specifically for MSPs, VARs and ISVs.

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Dell’s DaaS offers On-Demand Services at 24 Bucks per User, per Month

Dell LogoWe recently spoke with Dell Cloud Client Computing regarding its cloud-based virtual desktop solution, Dell Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) On Demand. The platform includes features from Desktone’s secure multi-tenant VDI platforms delivering session-based desktops, published applications, persistent or non-persistent Windows 7 or XP desktops, RSA secure authentication, among others. Dell has expanded DaaS On Demand to Channel Partners for the first time and is offering a free trial so customers can quickly and easily experience the benefits of delivering secure, fully-featured virtual desktops to users without the infrastructure cost.

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independenceIT, Artisan Infrastructure Bring ‘Channel-Only’ Solution to Partners

independenceIT and Artisan Infrastructure have established a partnership that delivers more control to partners so they can realize higher profits and deliver better cloud services. As a result of the agreement, iIT is the software company exclusively focused on driving recurring revenue for channel partners through its Cloud Workspace Suite, and Artisan Infrastructure is the wholesale Infrastructure as a Service provider (IaaS). 

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Desktone Extends DaaS Platform to Deliver On-Premises, Cloud-Managed Desktops and Apps

Desktone said today that it has extended its cloud-hosted desktop platform with a new on-premises, cloud-managed virtual desktop solution. The new offering resides at the customer site and is managed remotely by a Cloud Provider, giving enterprises and SMBs the flexibility to choose the cloud model that best suits their business: public, private, or hybrid. 

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NEC Leverages DaaS Platform to Deploy Affordable Virtual Desktops

NEC Corporation of America (NEC) said today that it has joined with DaaS provider Desktone to deliver cloud-hosted virtual desktops. By leveraging the Desktone Platform, NEC can now deliver cost-effective, full-featured Windows desktops to any device, thus meeting enterprises' demands for BYOD and distributed and remote workforce support. 

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Equinix, Desktone Partner on Desktop-as-a-Cloud Service

Equinix, Inc. said this morning that it has partnered with DaaS provider Desktone, to enable service providers to deliver a new scalable and profitable cloud services revenue stream via Platform Equinix. By leveraging Desktone software and locating infrastructure in Equinix’s data centers, service providers will be able to quickly provide customers DaaS capabilities, while limiting downtime and geographic-induced latency to improve the end users’ desktop experience.

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Dimension Data Taps Desktone to Deliver Virtual DaaS

Dimension Data New Zealand said this morning that it has partnered with DaaS provider Desktone, Inc., to offer cost-effective, full-featured virtual desktops as a cloud service.

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