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BYOD: Who’s *Really* in Control?

Ari RabbanBy Ari Rabban, Co-Founder and CEO,

“Bring your own device” (BYOD) isn’t a new trend, but that doesn’t mean SMBs–or large enterprises, for that matter–have worked out all of the kinks. Part of the challenge has to do with how the change in ownership affects control over apps and the device itself.

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Guest Blog: Do you Know Who Controls Your Data?

Ari RabbanBy Ari Rabban, Co-founder and CEO,

Would you pay $33,000 for a used Dell PowerEdge R410 blade server? What if it were the one that made WikiLeaks a household name?

That’s what someone paid on eBay, where Bahnhof, Wikileaks’ hosting provider, put the server up for sale. The auction is a cautionary tale for any SMB that outsources its telecom or IT to a cloud provider.

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How BYOD Increases Employee Productivity an Extra 37 Minutes Per Week (per Employee)

AER Color dark 0024By Ari Rabban, Co-Founder and CEO,

BYOD has quickly become one of the biggest buzzwords in business today. It’s also an opportunity for SMBs to spend less time using some other four-letter words, such as when they’re scrambling to recover after a disaster.

Part of the reason why so many enterprises–including SMBs–now have “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policies is because they’re a way to leverage hardware that they otherwise couldn’t afford to buy for all employees. Another reason is increased productivity: an extra 37 minutes per week per employee, according to a recent Cisco study. For an employee making the median wage, that works out to an additional $350 in annual value – more than enough to cover a device subsidy for employers that choose to offer one.

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Guest Blog: Five Ways the Cloud Makes Small Businesses Look Big

By Ari Rabban, CEO and Co-Founder,

For small businesses, part of the appeal of cloud-based IT and communications services is that they provide access to technologies they otherwise couldn’t afford. That access helps level the playing field because small businesses now are better able to provide service and support on par with large enterprises.

Here are five examples of cloud technologies that are bridging the digital divide to give small businesses a large enterprise cachet...

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Guest Blog: 7 Things SMBs Must Consider When Choosing a Cloud Provider

By Ari Rabban, Co-Founder and CEO,

If your company is like most SMBs, you’re either considering hosted IT and communications services, or you’re already using them. As more SMBs and large enterprises migrate to hosted solutions, the selection of cloud-based offerings and providers will continue to skyrocket as they try to capitalize on that expanding opportunity.

But the broader and deeper that selection becomes, the more challenging it is for SMBs to wade though their options. Here are seven things to help guide your decision...

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