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Dell Software Announces Release of AppAssure Version 5.4

Dell SoftwareThis morning, Dell Software announced the release of AppAssure 5.4. I was able to speak with Michael Grant, director of product marketing, data protection, and Jason Raymond, director of product management, data protection, Dell Software, yesterday, both of whom took me into the latest version updates for this solution.

To start, I spoke with Michael Grant, who explained that he joined Dell in the mid-90s. Michael said that, like many of you, he is seeing a major industry shift in both the amount and importance of data. Today’s organizations, particularly in the SMB segment, are bound to be on 24/7 and they need to provide immediate services to customers. “This shift has really exacerbated the SMB problem,” said Michael Grant, in an interview yesterday.

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Can Dell win the Geek in SMB?

BlueHat 2You and I have chosen a “geek life,” and we must live with the consequences. That means the SMB landscape changes very fast and can surprise even ardent analysts, much less day-to-day practitioners. Almost in a stealth mode, Dell has acquired several capable SMB players as it works to build a comprehensive solutions portfolio. 

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