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Amazon Web Services Releases New Mobile App Dev Tool

AWSAmazon Web Services, Inc. recently announced the availability of the Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) with the Mobile Push feature. This new service is designed to be a simpler cross-platform messaging process, based off of one API that will send messages to Apple iOS, Android and Kindle Fire platforms.

“Many customers tell us they build and maintain their own mobile push services, even though they find this approach expensive, complex and error-prone,” said Raju Gulabani, Vice President of Database Services, AWS, in a press release today. “Amazon SNS with Mobile Push takes these concerns off the table with one simple cross-platform API, a flat low price and a free tier that means many customers won’t pay anything until their applications achieve scale.”

Amazon SNS is currently available to all AWS customers, including those on the free membership tier, and grants each account up to 1 million push notifications for free each month. After the first million, users will be charged $0.50 per million published messages and $0.50 per million messages delivered, for a total of $1.00 per million notifications. AWS customers may use the new service to send messages to specific individuals, or to send identical messages to all app users. In addition, AWS stores copies of messages to ensure that no notification gets lost.

For more information about Amazon SNS, please visit the site here.

Source:  BusinessWire Press Release 13 August 2013

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