White Papers: eBook: How to Profit from Selling Office 365

Title:      eBook: How to Profit from Selling Office 365
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No one would argue that Office 365 is one of the hottest products to hit the cloud market in a long time. But just because you’re an Office 365 reseller, doesn’t guarantee that customers will be lining up to buy it from you. As a Managed Service Provider, you have to target specific markets and create a strategy to serve them. Put yourself in the client’s shoes. Why would they get Office 365 from you if they can just as easily buy it from someone else or directly from Microsoft? You need to become masters in the followings:

  •  The differences between Office 365 licensing models
  • How to bundle and price your offer to maximize profits
  • Tips to create demand and promote your offer
  • How to identify Office 365 opportunities and handle objections

 If you want to make more money selling Office 365, you have to add real value to your portfolio. If you broaden your offers to reach a wide range of needs and customers, you’ll probably attract many leads, but only convert a few of them into sales. And even if they do sign up, these clients might not stick around for long because they won’t be interested in the services you have to offer.