White Papers: Endpoint Security: The Next BIG Opportunity for MSPs

Title:      Endpoint Security: The Next BIG Opportunity for MSPs
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Technology challenges facing the small business include:
• Downtime Costs
• Employee Productivity
• Computer Life
• IT Support Costs
• Migrations

You will read more about these challenges below.

Enter PC Matic as the endpoint performance solution of choice. This is
accomplished with the following feature sets.

1. Disk Fragmentation
2. Driver Updates
3. Registry Cleaning
4. Services
5. Start-up Manager
6. Junk Files
7. Security Scan
8. Remote Installation
9. Remote Schedule

The white paper continues to highlight the following ways the PC Matic can
help the small business:

• Focus on security.
• Cloud-based.
• It's right-sized for the small business.
• Robust support.
• Ease of use.
• More feature rich than the competition.

Finally and most importantly, there are significant opportunities presented at
the end of this white paper for IT Pros and VARs to make significant money with
PC Matic and further gain the trust of small business customers.