New Storage Platform That Allows MSPs to get Software and Storage in one Bill

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MSP360 has released MSP360 Managed Backup version 4.7, which offers more than just 100 new features, fixes, security improvements, UX enhancements, and support for new AWS regions for MSPs.

This platform enables MSPs to buy software and cloud storage directly from MSP360 without the need to manage multiple vendors. Instead of receiving separate bills for Wasabi’s cloud storage and MSP360’s software, with MSP360 Storage Powered by Wasabi, an MSP has the option to receive a single, easy-to-understand comprehensive bill highlighting both expenses. Thescr3 2 price for the storage remains the same as with Wasabi ($5.99 per TB per month).

“Unified billing has been top of mind for our customers for a while now,” said Brian Helwig, CEO of MSP360. “Now, they can enable it if it fits their business needs. While Wasabi is the first cloud storage vendor we’re offering unified billing for, it won’t be the last. We're currently in talks with other vendors.”

A new cross-platform backup and recovery solution for SMBs but a referral program for MSPs

Designed specifically for SMBs, MSP360 Managed Backup for Small Business enables businesses to leverage AWS, Wasabi, Backblaze B2, and local storage; eliminate expensive hardware investments; and improve recovery time objectives. The solution’s main features include centralized management, quick recovery, cross-platform backup, best-in-class customer service, bring your own storage (BYOS), and managed remote desktop. But despite the benefits for SMBs, MSP360 Managed Backup for Small Business is actually part of a marketing initiative to attract high-quality leads for MSP360’s customers.

“Prior to Managed Backup for Small Business, an SMB was able to purchase Managed Backup for the same price we were offering to MSPs,” Helwig said. “Now, with this new product, SMBs are going to pay more than twice the price we charge MSPs if they want to purchase Managed Backup directly from us. We’ve done this to make hiring an MSP a more attractive option to SMBs.

“We’re hoping this creates a new referral source for our customers, the MSPs. Managed Backup for Small Business is setting the stage for a solid channel offering with a lead referral program that we can use to better serve our MSPs by helping them generate more MRR.”