Webinar: Remote Leadership and Culture are EVERYTHING with Remote Workers

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SMB Nation Webinar Wednesday, May 6th, 2020

Presented By: Harry Brelsford and Wayne Turmel

 Everyone is only a few weeks into working remotely and hard realities are landing. Join us as we’ve teamed with Wayne Turmel from The Remote Leadership Institute to answer the basic question: now what? Topics that we will cover include:

How to Communicate Effectively When You’re Working Remotely
Your Attitude Matters – Managing Yours and Others
Productivity Tips for Working from Home
Three Mindsets That Will Help You Move Forward & Set You Up for Success

Last Winter in the MSP Tech Talk series we explored the Finder, Minder, Grinder pillars of an MSP business. This is clearly in the Minder category for your own internal remote worker scenarios. And you can turn this newly gained knowledge (plus this lecture) into a Finder role to promote your remote leadership skills as a business development asset.