How Does the CARES Act Affect VARs and ISVs?

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To keep you abreast of changing laws and emerging best practices, the RSPA created several more pieces of COVID-related content this week, including a webinar analyzing how the CARES Act applies to VARs and ISVs. Follow these links to access this week’s new and updated content:

RSPA Guide to Small Business Resources for Merchants
To help merchants understand the available options to sustain their business during the COVID-19 pandemic, the RSPA created this Guide to Small Business Resources for Merchants. We encourage VARs to email this link to their merchants and post it on their website like my friends at Anthem Business Solutions in Oklahoma.

COVID-19 Crisis: Highlights from “Understanding the CARES Act: Actions You Should Take Today” RSPA Webinar
Not only does this blog post call out 13 key points from RSPA Legal Counsel Bob Goldberg’s CARES Act webinar, but it includes links to the on-demand recording and to new federal resources.

COVID-19 Crisis: CARES Act Section-by-Section Overview
To help VARs and ISVs better navigate the CARES Act, Goldberg also provided a 35-page section-by-section overview of this new 880-page law.

COVID-19 Crisis: Unimaginable Industry Data Implores VARs, ISVs to Act Fast
Reports from Shift4, Womply, and McKinsey & Company are steering solution providers to take four key actions to shore up their business during this crisis.

UPDATED COVID-19 Crisis: RSPA Guide to Small Business Resources for VARs and ISVs
RSPA has updated its Guide to Small Business Resources for VARs and ISVs during the COVID-19 Crisis with new links about the CARES Act, the Paycheck Protection Program, and health and safety guidelines.

UPDATED RSPA Restaurant Rescue
Restaurant Rescue helps companies that offer digital ordering and related technologies connect with VARs and ISVs who provide solutions to merchants in need. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the RSPA team will facilitate a conversation with individuals at any listed company.

To access all our resources, visit the RSPA COVID-19 Crisis Resource Center and scroll to the bottom of the page.