Webinar: The Three P’s Approach to securing Office 365 email

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SMB Nation Webinar Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020 11:00 AM PT

Presented by: Harry Brelsford and Romain Basset

Nope – this isn’t about margins in mystery or preaching Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD). Rather – the online meetup illustrates the growing volume and sophistication of cyberthreats targeting Office 365 users and outlines a comprehensive approach to securing O365 email, inclusive of technology, people, and process, as well as the role of MSPs. And you can discover how to do it via the Three P’s: People, Process, Partners.

  • Introduction – Why O365 is a target?!?!?
  • Comprehensive approach to securing O365 email
    • Technology
      • Native O365 (EOP/ATP) – objective assessment of strengths and weaknesses
      • Third-party – considerations for complementary architectures and technologies
    • People
      • User awareness training – balancing structured and contextualized, on-the-fly training to correct risky behavior as it occurs
      • User feedback – transitioning from weakest link to part of the solution
        • Closed loop not just with IR processes but core filter
    • Process
      • Business process controls to mitigate specific threats (e.g. spear phishing)
      • Remediation and incident response
  • There’s a 3rd P: Partners
    • Key considerations for scalable growth
      • Simplicity and automation
      • Integrating an ecosystem of products
      • Selling with facts, not fear


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