Webinar: Deep Dive into the January 2020 End-of-Support (EOS) Matter (And WHY YOU SHOULD CARE!)

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SMB Nation Webinar Wednesday, Dec. 4th, 2019 12:00 PM PST

Presented by: Frank Ohlhorst (Magnum Consulting), Ed Tittel (EdSEC), and Harry Brelsford (SMB Nation)

It's Q4 and a significant Managed Services Provider (MSP) opportunity is right around the corner. We’re talking Windows 7, Server 2008, SQL Server. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Migration versus New: Freshies, etc.
  • How to do a test migration on one system!
  • Changes to the Registry and lack of support for Registry cleaners.
  • Retaining the personality of the machine plus rollback protection
  • What if you are not ready to migrate in time? How do you deal with keeping the machine secure and functioning? We reveal temporary band aides!
  • Is this Windows XP migrations all over again? (The answer is NO!). You can't use the SECURITY ARGUMENT in the same way we did in the XP migration era.
  • What are the challenges? The days of 32-bit Windows 7 are dead. Need to get you to 64-bit Windows 10. Hint: Windows Compatibility Wizard)
  • Why you can't use the STABILITY ARGUMENT to migrate your SMB clients
  • Selling Windows 7 EOS: transactional versus insurance selling approaches
  • Spiceworks 2020 IT Report - Upgrades are the Biggest Spend Next Year (Hint: January 2020 EOS)
  • Research on those who have tried and failed (especially around Windows Server)
  • Tip of the Hat to Server 2008 and SQL Server!