Eradicating Downtime & Ransomware: Simply, Quickly & Affordably

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Downtime and ransomware are ever looming IT threats. And expensive ones too.

The cost the of server, application and network downtime costs enterprises $700 billion a year.

In fact, every network slowdown and every outright outage that your company suffers costs thousands of dollars per minute. Meanwhile, the cost of ransomware has been estimated at around $200 million in the first three months of 2016 alone and is only expected to increase. Making matters worse, new strains of ransomware kits are now available for sale on ‘dark web’ forums for as little as $39 for a lifetime license.

The good news is Infrascale’s cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions can mitigate both threats – simply, quickly, and affordably.

Highlights include: 

  1.  The changing threat landscape
  2.  The evolution of DRaaS & how it works
  3. The promise of on-demand failover
  4. Anomaly Detection: Ransomware’s early warning system


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