Case Study: Cloud Backup and Recovery Saves Clients from Catastrophic Data Loss

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CarboniteBy David Hauser, Channel Director, Carbonite

In a time when data loss can lead to business bankruptcy, small businesses need a

backup solution to ensure the continued protection of their most valued asset, their data. And, since cloud backup and recovery services have become more accessible and affordable than ever, there is virtually no reason not to!

Corvallis Technical knows this to be true – Corvallis Technical is a managed service provider, who offers Carbonite cloud backup to their small business clients. Corvallis’ owner, Benjamin Brewster, chose to offer Carbonite for its ease-of-use, flexibility with multiple technology configurations and affordability, amongst other things. "Carbonite has become a great profit maker for us," he says. "Customers like the continuity they get with continuous backup, and it means that we can provide more continuous, regular service."

Cloud backup and recovery solutions – like those offered by Carbonite – offer a simple, cost-effective way to protect files in the cloud, safe from theft, spills, hardware failure (and, just about anything else!) And, Carbonite provides managed services providers with a solution that is easy to manage! Once Carbonite is installed on a user’s computer, copies of the computer’s files are automatically and securely backed up to the cloud where they can be restored. The backup runs continually, in the background, protecting new and changed files, whenever the computer is connected to the Internet. It’s that simple. Plus, with Carbonite, users can access their backed up files anytime, anywhere from any computer or from their tablets and smartphones with free apps.

For more information on Carbonite and Corvallis Technical, view the Carbonite’s Corvallis Technical Case Study. If you’re interested in learning more about Carbonite’s Reseller Program, please contact the Reseller Team by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by phone at 877-391-4759.

David Hauser is Channel Director at Carbonite, a leading cloud backup service provider.