Partner Spotlight: How Virtualized are you?

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optimized-vmwareWith the breakthrough increase in density of server workloads and RAM, vCPU and IOPS capacity limitations, the transition to server virtualization

is getting obvious. With more and more organizations virtualizing their servers, legacy agent based backup approaches are fast moving out and virtualization focussed backup solutions with agentless backups are taking over the virtual scenario. Traditional backup solutions are realigning and adopting the agentless approach with integration through API to ease implementation and management of virtual infrastructure.

As the virtual market evolves and solutions mature, integrating the virtual environment with the cloud will be the next default step and StoreGrid Cloud, which has been offering protection for both physical servers and virtualized environments will be releasing it’s next advanced version - StoreGrid Cloud v 4.4.

StoreGrid Cloud, apart from other major enhancements for Disk Image Backups, granular recoverability in Exchange servers will primarily focus on it’s advanced VMware Backup capability. Here are some of its key enhancement for VMware Backups:

On par Backup performance with the leading VMWare backup products in the market.

Agentless Backup and Recovery of VM’s in VMWare to eliminate the need to install agent on ESXi or VMs.

Backup only used data irrespective of the disk type(Thick or Thin provisioned disk) in the VM.

Decreased backup window for a VM with only the changed blocks (CBT) getting backed up

Schedule incrementals of migrated VM Backups within vCenter for any possible hierarchy.

Directly restore backups to an ESX server with the option to choose the name of the VM and the datastore.

Reduce storage requirements with snapshot compression and minimize expenditure on storage

Protect business critical applications like MSSQL, MySQL, Exchange etc in virtual machines

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