3 BIG Considerations When Discussing Email Archiving

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Sonian BannersIf you’re selling cloud-based email archiving, there are a few things to keep in mind when talking to prospects about their

archiving needs. Frequently prospects will get "hung up" on the need for archiving email (isn't my backup system doing that?) and will need to understand the difference between backup and archive.

1. Search & Discovery

Backup is for Recovery - Archives are for Discovery

One of the biggest differentiators for a full-featured email archiving solution is robust search and discovery. While backups can be searched, many lack the tools necessary to search completely or quickly. Being able to search all known mailboxes for keywords can uncover documents, discussions and data that may get missed in piles of backup tapes or specific mailbox searches.

2. Compliance is A Science

Unless you are 100% certain that your product or service will meet every regulatory requirement, don't tell prospects that it "assures compliance". Compliance with what? There is a veritable alphabet soup of relevant regulations (FRCP, SOX, HIPAA, FINRA, FCA, PCI-DSS…) many of which require specialized talent or training (think lawyers) to ensure adherence. Solution providers should be quick to remind prospects that ultimately ensuring compliance is their responsibility.

3. Audit Response

While no one looks forward to audits, that’s no excuse for not planning for them. Audits are a necessary part of corporate governance, but also play an integral role in due diligence around mergers and acquisitions, or in evaluating partners. Being able to index millions of documents and find keywords (even within attachments!) is crucial to supplying auditors with all relevant documentation, and that of course, is key to completing the audit as quickly as possible.

Sonian has over 11,000 customers in 40 countries, who have moved more than 8 billion document objects, and everyday add more than 300 gigabytes to the information discovery clouds that we manage on a variety of the world's major public clouds. Sonian supports ALL major messaging platforms, and we hope you'll consider our affordable, accessible and scalable archiving solution right for your clients.

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