Jabra’s Unified Communications for the SMB Webinar Series

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jabraminiAt Jabra, we hosts monthly webinars on subjects that matter to all of us – past webinars have covered the megatrends shaping the

SMB market, the move to the cloud, and how devices deliver the total product experience in an increasingly software-centric world. We have a different guest host every month and believe that conversations and insight are more impactful than endless slides. Join us as we talk to industry experts, thought leaders, and others to better understand what's coming and what we – those of us who work with SMB's every day – need to do now to stay on top. To view past webinars visit us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jabra is pleased to announce our 3-part webinar series: Shifting to UC for the SMB Market. (You can view part 1 here) Each webinar we will have an industry thought leader join us as a guest speaker to give us their point of view on important topics within the Unified Communications space and discuss why this is such an important technology for Small and Medium Businesses.

The shift from traditional telecom technology to the more software-centric world of Unified Communications raises critical questions for everyone serving the SMB market. If I'm not fully committed to the UC space yet, should I be - and what should I do right now? How should I move forward - and who should I partner with? Who are the players that matter for the SMB market? And how do I position my organization in this rapidly changing future?

On November 19th at 2:00 PM Est. we are hosting part two of our three part webinar series; Shifting to UC For the SMB Market: Solution Components & Deployment Options, were we will be joined by Microsoft Lync Product Manager, Jonathan Aisenberg as we talk about Unified Communication Solution components and deployment choices with a focus on what options are best for SMB’s. We hope to see you there.

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