Email is BIG Data

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sonian-logo-cubeWith email data growing at a rate of 400,000 terabytes a year, email is clearly BIG Data. Because business is being conducted in

email (conversations, contracts, commitments), saving and searching these materials is coming increasingly important. These communications are crucial to running a modern business, and central when trying to solve a problem, resolve a conflict or find an answer. In an age where 60% of US companies will become involved in litigation in a given year, and where 33% of all US companies were involved in more than 20 lawsuits in 2012, getting a handle on information governance is nothing short of critical.

Data preservation is THE KEY to good governance, and the exponential value of cloud economics is undeniable. Limitless storage, dynamically scalable compute and fault-tolerant, state-of-the-art data centers spread across the globe mean maximum efficiency for minimal investment. This platform also means that fast and accurate search across millions of documents, either in response to document production requests or as part of an internal investigation, can empower an organization to quickly determine the scope of liability and perhaps avoid costly litigation altogether.

Savvy businesses are archiving email to the cloud for a variety of reasons:

  • Search & Discover Documents, Discussions & Data
  • Respond Quickly to Audits & Litigation
  • Protect Your Intellectual Property
  • Ensure Compliance & Business Continuity
  • No Hardware, No Software, No Complications!
  • Reduced IT Expenses, Better Data Management

Sonian has over 12,000 customers in more than 40 countries, who have already moved more than 8 billion objects to the cloud, and everyday add more than 300 gigabytes to their cloud archives. Sonian is the world's only SaaS running on all of the major public clouds, and supports ALL major messaging platforms. We hope you'll consider our affordable, accessible and scalable archiving solution right for your clients.

We Preserve, Protect and Present the World’s Information.