Taking the “fluff” out of IT assessments

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bob vogel augustBy Bob Vogel, B2 Marketing

With all of the slick marketing that vendors throw at you, trying to impress with fancy ads and

high-budget videos, it’s refreshing to hear “real-life” service providers talking shop about the tools they use.

That’s why I like going to different industry events and yakking with the guys in the trenches, working hard to do right by their clients while making a good living for themselves.

Dan Schneck is one of those guys, and he recently spoke for five minutes about how he uses IT assessments in his business, and even shows off the actual reports he generated to win a new client. Click here to watch.

Your business might be bigger or smaller than Dan’s, but in most ways he’s probably a lot like you.

Dan started his IT services business – To Solution – a few years ago. He runs the company as a full service MSP and technology consulting firm, serving his local business community.

During a recent webinar with RapidFire Tools, Dan not only talked about Network Detective – he actually whipped out several pages from an actual IT assessment he ran at a prospect site and showed them to the audience.

Dan’s assessment uncovered lots of issues, quickly and easily, including:

  • Many former employees who still had their user ID’s and network access
  • More than 30 PCs that the prospect determined were lost or missing
  • Internal vulnerabilities in the group policy setting in the fire wall
  • Deficiencies in the fire wall gateway and Anti-Virus solution
  • Missing patches and service packs from critical software
  • Weak passwords throughout the network

These findings, and others, were more than enough ammo for Dan to win the business.

Want to see the actual reports for yourself? Visit: http://ww2.rapidfiretools.com/lp/smbn-danschneck.html