Using Better Communications to Kill Your Competition

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bob vogel augustBy Bob Vogel, B2 Marketing

You might be operating your IT services business under the mistaken assumption that being more technically-savvy than your

competitors is the path to success.

But Bob Coppedge, CEO of Simplex-IT, knows better. Bob founded his IT services business from the ground-up to provide Managed Services. From the get-go, Bob realized that the only way he was going to succeed was to learn how to quickly, and immediately, build rapport and relationships with his new clients.

“We have about 50 clients under some kind of ongoing managed services relationship,” Bob told me. “And two-thirds of them have come to us, not because of a technical challenge they had, but because they had a poor relationship with the people handling their networks.”

Click here now and you’ll hear Bob reveal how he uses technology as much to enhance his client relationships as he does to manage their networks.

During his 17-minute presentation, Bob shares his experiences of working like an IT Ninja – leveraging weaknesses of his competitors to his own advantage.

“When we go in there (to look at a network of a prospect) most of the time we’re going to run a quick, non-invasive assessment with Network Detective,” said Bob. “We run all of the reports… just to see what’s going on. And while the data is being automatically gathered, we go around and talk to the prospects and take pictures.”

Bob says that the reports ALWAYS find a number of issues, some more serious than others. And that puts his competitors in a “no-win” situation.

“We present what we find to the prospect,” he said, “and then even allow them to share the findings with the incumbent. Our position is, if they didn’t know about the issues, they’re incompetent. And if they did know about them, and didn’t do anything about it, then their service is bad.”

You can learn more great nuggets by watching the video. Here’s the link: