How To Manage SQL Servers Without A Pricey DBA

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bob vogel augustBy Bob Vogel, B2 Marketing

Most IT service providers don’t have an army of seasoned Database Administrators on staff who are qualified to

manage the often mission-critical applications running on client SQL Servers.

And, even if you do have an in-house DBA, you certainly wouldn’t want him or her burning valuable billable hours just to pull the reports necessary to determine, in fact, that everything is running just fine, thank you very much.

Enter RapidFire Tools, and their latest innovation: the new SQL Server Assessment Module for Network Detective.

“Whenever we go to a trade show or event and talk to service providers about what we can do to make their lives easier, the SQL Server assessment often bubbles up,” said Mike Mittel, president of RapidFire Tools. “Aside from being the foundation for the ubiquitous SharePoint applications, SQL Servers are frequently found at client sites running all sorts of essential applications that the clients rely on.”

Mittel told me that the idea behind the new module is to help any service provider – whether or not they have DBAs on staff – to better manage existing clients, and pitch new prospects, who may have one or more SQL Servers running on their networks.

If you are an IT service shop with an expensive DBA on staff, this module will allow you to use lower-level techs to pull the reports for the DBA to review. Unlike anything else on the market, this tool is completely non-invasive, fully automated with helpful wizards, and generates well-organized reports that can be customized with your company’s branding.

And if you don’t have a DBA on staff, with this tool any service tech can be tasked with maintaining and reporting on a SQL Server database. Even if you can't remediate the issues with your own resources, the reports generated by this tool will identify threats to, and assess the overall health of, the mission-critical databases on the SQL Server as well as the server itself. You'll have all the documentation you need to get the aid or advice from a specialized DBA.

Want to know more? Here’s a link that will take you directly to more information from RapidFire Tools.