The Fastest Way To Create A New Managed Security Service

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Bob Vogel BlueBy Bob Vogel, B2Marketing

IT Security is an issue that impacts literally EVERY business that has a computer. I’m not just talking about

virus protection and intrusion prevention and firewalls. Don’t forget about all the chaos that happens when internal people have access to files that they shouldn’t touch, add non-authorized systems to the network, fail to secure systems with passwords, and more.

These are the kind of problems that are hard to detect until something really bad happens – even if you have an RMM tool and firewall in place. And, unless you’re tech savvy about these things AND have the time to manually inspect the network on a regular basis looking for changed settings, open ports, new users, etc. -- every network you service is at risk today.

Thousands of service providers are turning to Network Detective’s IT Security assessment module as the quick and easy means to provide better IT security for their clients… without adding staff.

You can run an external vulnerability scan right from your offices at any time, and also find internal security issues using the tool’s non-invasive scanning tools. Have your techs run the scans to automatically collect the data while they’re doing other work on site, or if you have an RMM agents already installed, you can schedule the internal scan to be run and automatically uploaded to you on a regular basis.

Want to learn more? Here’s a web page that tells you more, and includes a video on how to make money with this tool.