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retrospectWith Storage & Time Savings, Powerful Reporting, Flash Media Support, Block Level Incremental Backup, and Other Enhancements

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Block Level Incremental Backup makes large-file backups faster and more compact

Block level incremental backup provides a powerful complementary option to traditional file level backup by adding the ability to back up only the parts of a file that have changed—delivering a significant boost in backup performance.

Many data-intensive applications like Microsoft Outlook® and Microsoft Exchange® store their data in a single large file that constantly changes by small increments. With block level incremental backup, Retrospect locates the changes in a file and backs up only those blocks, speeding up the backup and using far less storage. This freed-up time and storage can be used to back up additional systems, provide breathing room for future growth, or back up critical data more frequently.

High-Level Dashboard summarizes key information for faster process review

Retrospect’s new dashboard is a valuable productivity tool that gives customers a high-level overview of their current backup environment, with a weekly summary and a visualization of recent backups. Customers can quickly see which computers are not protected, identify which computers back up the most data, and evaluate their storage usage, saving time and ensuring complete data protection.

Improved Email Reporting with more information and filtering makes you more efficient

Improved email reporting provides a wealth of data about each backup. The operations log is now included in the reports to give customers complete insight into each backup's progress. With these detailed logs customers can supervise their backups from any device and filter emails based on errors or warnings to hone in on issues as soon as they happen.

Other Improvements

Improved Disaster Recovery (Windows Only)

Retrospect 9 for Windows includes an enhanced disaster recovery workflow for full compatibility with Windows XP through Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2, complete support for 64-bit machines and drivers, and support for Flash Media.

Improved Dissimilar Hardware Restore (Windows Only)

In addition, Retrospect’s Dissimilar Hardware Restore for Windows also includes support for Windows 8.1 and Windows 2012 R2 and 64-bit operating systems and drivers.

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