Data Protection for Government Agencies

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Retrospect MacWin 72dpi 5x5 rgbLearn why government agencies like NASA Goddard, Hubble, USGS, City of Oakland, and more choose Retrospect to protect their data.

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What do they need in a data protection software?

  1. The basics- good data protection.
    Backup and recovery to safeguard critical government data on servers and workstations against anything from operator error to natural disaster, archiving to migrate and consolidate inactive data for long-term retention, and clone files in their native format for immediate access from the same or different computer.
  2. Cost effective and scalable solution.
    In today’s economy with ever shrinking government budgets, they need maximum features for minimum dollars. A complete cross-platform solution is a must, with the versatility to grow with more data, more computers, and different technologies.
  3. Great Technical Support
    GOV customers often need to know that your software meets very specific requirements, so a knowledgeable Support Engineers is critical.
  4. Security
    Private nature of Government data, Encryption and secure transfers of backed-up data are critical. Government Certified encryption is needed to meet to meet HIPPA compliance requirements (Section 508) and client data needs to be encrypted before being transferred over a network for full security.
  5. Needs to protect remote workers
    Because there are many remote government employees, it is important that backup software offer proactive backups to watch for computers that come and go from a network and automatically back them up when they reconnect.

We offer a 45 day trial and a 30 day money back guarantee! We stand behind our product and want to make sure your customer is satisfied with Retrospect.