Department Controlled and Branch Office Data Protection - A Big Opportunity!

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retrospectLearn why so many departments and remote offices in enterprise businesses need to control their own data protection and restores, and why Retrospect

is their choice!

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So what are their data protection needs?

  1. Good data protection, of course.Backup and recovery to safeguard critical data against anything from operator error to natural disaster, archiving to migrate and consolidate inactive data for long-term retention, and cloning to duplicate files in their native format for immediate access from the same or different computer.
  2. A solution that protects mixed platforms.With a huge percentage of today’s businesses integrating Windows, Mac, and Linux computers into their networks, they need a single data protection solution that covers all three OSs, minimizing cost and management resources.
  3. Local control for fast. In larger enterprise businesses, IT resources can be stretched or data protection policies can leave departments on their own for workstation data protection. Having more control at the department or branch office level ensures that your group is prepared if critical data needs to be restored in a matter of minutes.
  4. Great technical support. If a department within a larger company opts to use a solution that is not the company standard, the company IT team may not be as familiar with the software as they typically would be. Therefore, great tech support on the solution-provider end is an important component of the overall package.
  5. Security. Corporations house a huge amount of sensitive data, from product designs, to customer information to employee records. The backups of this data must be encrypted and should optimally be password protected to meet the company strict data protection policies.