SMBs offering IT services need to adapt to a changing world! Pronto Marketing can help!

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Pronto logoNo two businesses are the same. And if you are one of the many thousands of companies who provide IT support, computer repairs

or managed IT services then understanding how companies differ in the way they work, and organize their business is vital to your success.

The IT world is changing and it's not enough to simply fix broken machines, provide virus protection, backups and system checks. Cloud computing has revolutionized the way IT service providers operate. With less physical infrastructure to take care of, expertise is now more valuable than technical skills. You are no longer a every-day IT nerd, you're a Chief Business Technologist.

Your expertise can help other SMBs to make the right decisions about the applications they need. They want up-to-date advice on collaboration, governance, compliance, data management and content management. Your new role is to ensure that you understand the ins and outs of your customers' business well enough to be able to guide their decisions properly. By giving them advice based on their needs, you help clients to improve their bottom line and get the most out of new technology.

But to set yourself up as IT guru and help others grow, you need to get organized and discover how to use your own website to share knowledge, provide a continual flow of information and establish yourself as the expert you are.

So why not read this easy-to-follow ebook on how to become a Chief Business Technologist. Full of tips on how you can use your website to pass on your expertise to business owners who have IT issues, this helpful ebook comes to you courtesy of Pronto Marketing.

The Pronto Marketing team are the professionals when it comes to helping small businesses get the most out of their Internet Presence. They oversee hundreds of websites, taking care of everything from hosting to blogging, and provide stunning visuals and copy to help IT experts like you shine online.

Download the ebook from Pronto Marketing and learn how to become a Chief Business Technologist