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smb-220x150-1a-AD131122As more and more companies are realizing the value of Office 365 as a means to empower their employees to work from anywhere

and on any device, they are looking to their IT providers to help them migrate their current on-premises Microsoft Office to the cloud. Until now, enabling your team to migrate customers’ Office has required significant planning, project management and technical expertise - a significant barrier to taking advantage of this new revenue stream.

Now there is a solution from SkyKick – “Microsoft 2013 Partner of the Year”. SkyKick offers a new type of cloud migration application that significantly reduces the time and resources it takes to migrate to Office 365 by automating many aspects of the migration project. And with the Turbo program from Microsoft and SkyKick, your first migration project is free.

Traditionally, “migration tools” on the market have been focused on moving server-side data, which is just one step in an overall migration consulting project. The SkyKick Migration Suite takes a different approach by helping partners manage many of the steps of a migration project, including the sales, planning, migration and on-site phases of their customer’s move to Office 365. Whether you're migrating a 5 person company, or a 500 seat account, SkyKick gives you the flexibility and control to successfully migrate your customer with ease.

As an added incentive to encourage partners to get started, a new program called Turbo has been designed by Microsoft and SkyKick to help you sell more Office 365 and make Office 365 deployment projects easierand more profitable. To make your first project almost risk-free, the first SkyKick migration is free. You then receive an additional 20% and 30% off your next two projects. With Turbo, the more you sell and migrate, the more you profit!