Retrospect Asks: How has Retrospect Helped You?

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retrospectSince 1984, more than a million businesses have chosen Retrospect to provide a complete and versatile Backup & Recovery, Data Archiving, and Duplication


With 25 years experience working directly with SMB customers, Retrospect continues to hand-craft a complete 3-in-1 data protection solution for Windows, Mac, and Linux designed specifically to meet the needs of small and medium businesses.

We asked a few what they thought of it.

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D. Windsor
Honeywell Technology Solutions at NASA
Aerospace Industry

Why did you choose Retrospect as your backup?
The original decision to use Retrospect occurred in the early 1990’s. The advantages then were many and it has withstood the test of time as a superior product. Examples:

  • It can backup Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Unix products
  • The point in time backup feature made it possible to restore files before the mistake was made or bad file occurred
  • Easy to use scripting, automated tape function and direct to disk array backups
  • Ability to add or scale your systems as the data size changes. There are many more advantages to this product. The Internet is loaded with success stories.

What do you like about Retrospect?
I can create an automated script and it will back-up the client using the full or incremental method depending on the need. I can then restore that same data back to the client reliably and they can pick-up their work right were the left off. The user can also do the same for themselves if the configuration is set-up to allow it.

How has Retrospect helped you?
We have been able to restore data for several engineers over the years that would have been lost had it not been backed up. In one instance the 7-year old data from a Mac was restored to a PC and with a little conversion enabled the engineer to use it. Just as he did 7 years earlier.