The Network Assessment: An IT Service Provider’s Most Important Tool

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By Bob Vogel, B2 Marketing

bob vogel augustThe Network Assessment is arguably the most important and versatile service that you, as an IT service

provider, can offer. And there are inexpensive tools available that allow you to perform this highly valuable service very quickly, and at little cost to you.

Datto and RapidFire Tools are teaming up to educate the market about the top ways to use IT assessments to not only find and win new business, but also to grow your existing accounts and keep them longer.

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If you’re wondering whether this event is worth your time, here’s sneak peak at a few of the things you’ll learn:

Win New Business with Network Assessments

There’s nothing more compelling than to offer a prospect a free “health check” of their network computing environment. You can use a tool called the Network Detective, by, to very easily run a network scan directly from the prospect’s domain controller without any software installs or invasive agents running on different devices. This $49 network tool gives you a comprehensive view into the inner workings of the computing environment, including a detailed list of the network assets, configurations, users, ports and more – all in about 30 minutes or less for a typical network.

You then run the network scan file through the Network Detective’s analyzer to produce a series of reports that you can quickly and easily brand as your own. Of particular value for winning new business is the Client Risk Summary report, which highlights the top issues identified and provides a numerical ‘Client Risk Score’ that you can use as the foundation of a proposal to remediate the issues that were uncovered.

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Conduct Client Network Audits

The same tool, and the same network scan, can also generate a much more detailed report that you can easily sell for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. The complete assessment report can run hundreds of pages, with line-item listings of everything discovered by the Network Detective, with all issues highlighted in red. Again, you can easily edit the document and brand it as part of your overall Network Audit deliverable. And, for an additional $25 you can even generate a network site schematic that gives a visual representation of the network topography, with each asset color coded based on its condition or status.

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Document Changes to the Network

The very same tool can also be used to easily monitor any changes to the network environment over time. Each network assessment scan can be saved locally by date and time. The Network Detective includes a feature that allows you to compare the results of any two assessments with a report that highlights anything that has changed, from users added, to computers that have not logged on, to open ports, and more.

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