attachedapps brings new functionality to Microsoft Office365

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AttachedApps SidebarAd rev3The growth of Office365 is enabling solution providers to extend their reach into the SMB customer segment in ways never possible before. However,

there are some gaps in Office365 functionality, and Microsoft is increasingly looking for partners to fill them. One of the main areas of opportunity is to address the #1 business pain point for SMB’s: retaining, managing and growing customers. attachedapps are uniquely designed to enable partners to take advantage of that opportunity, while increasing their level of service to customers and driving incremental revenue. The apps are hosted on Microsoft Azure, and are sold on a subscription basis. Each app is designed to be very simple and inexpensive, yet flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of customer types and needs.
  • attachedContacts: - A free app to easily share contacts across the company, and keep them in sync. Enables partners to immediately add value to their Office365 installations at no cost.
  • attachedContacts+: - Allows customers to assign specific administrators to the app for unlimited users, and enables partners to function as their customers’ administrator.
  • attachedSales: - A simple yet powerful add-on app to track vital sales activity, including pipeline management, follow up and tracking.
  • attachedCustomers: - A simple, intuitive app that harnesses the power of customer relationship management without all of the cost and hassle.

What’s in it for solution providers?

attachedapps is taking a “partner first” approach to selling into the SMB space. Partners will be able to receive revenue share, provide installation, configuration and support services, and be able to customize the apps via access to a robust API. It is a truly unique opportunity for partners to enhance their revenues and leverage their investments in Office365.

How to get started

Visit or call Dave Waldrop at (425)615-7008.