attachedapps: Kevin Costner doesn’t work for us

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attachedapps August 4 animated 220x150A lot of technology companies that want to sell into the SMB customer space don’t really understand the role that partners play. They

tend to take the Field of Dreams approach of “if you build it, they will come”, thinking that SMBs will take the time and effort to search out new products, then purchase, install, configure and customize them on their own without using their trusted partner. Experience and research has proven that most SMBs just don’t have the time, patience or skills to do so, leaving a lot of company executives scratching their heads wondering why their product isn’t selling. That’s why it’s refreshing to see attachedapps launching their products with a true “partner first” sales strategy.

attachedapps are a set of simple yet powerful apps that help address the #1 business pain point for SMBs: attracting, retaining, managing and growing their customers. The apps are built to seamlessly integrate with Office 365 and run on Azure, making it very easy for partners to “attach” them to every Office 365 installation, hence the company’s name. The company is also releasing its API to partners who want to provide even more value to their customers. For instance, partners are able to customize many aspects of the products and can even build interfaces between other apps that the customer is already using. More on that in later articles.

In short, the attachedapps team is focused on doing whatever it takes to enable partners to build a profitable, sustainable business around their apps. If Office 365 is part of your current business model, or you are planning to add it in the near future, you should check them out. Visit or call Dave at (425) 615-7008.