Why ARRC Technology Practices What CharTec Preaches

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bob vogel augustBy Bob Vogel, B2 Marketing

Shane Swanson and Eric Pepe both wear two hats: one belongs to ARRC Technology, the thriving MSP based

in Bakersfield, CA; the other hat belongs to CharTec, the innovative ground-breaking spin-off that trains other MSPs how to run their businesses better.

One of the many things the two organizations share in common is Network Detective, the industry's leading non-invasive IT Assessment tool.

To hear Shane and Eric tell this story in their own words, click here to watch a short excerpt from a recent webinar they delivered for the HTG Group.

ARRC uses Network Detective as an integral part of its sales process, and also as part of its regular, ongoing service delivery reporting. CharTec uses Network Detective as a way to train other MSP about best practices when it comes to non-invasive asset and issue discovery.

“We were really looking for a consistent way to quickly gather information about a prospect client environment so that we know what we’re getting into,” explained Shane Swanson, who serves as COO for both organizations.

“There’s no way that anyone could gather as much information at a prospect site so quickly -- and without agents, probes, or software installs – as we do with Network Detective,” he continued. “Not only does it gather the data we need during a new business discovery session, it also generates the reports we need to put together winning proposals.”

Eric Pepe, the ARRC Sales Engineer who uses Network Detective literally every day, explains how his organization is able to leverage this tool.

“We generally do NOT share with the client or prospect all of the information we discover with this tool,” Eric explained. “There a great graphical client summary report that we can brand and hand-over to them which outlines the big picture issues and generates a great risk score that’s based on the overall health of the network.”

Eric explained that while all of the many reports generated by Network Detective are incredibly well organized and highlight any issues in red, most clients wouldn’t really understand the significance.

“We do have more sophisticated clients that actually are interested in buying the reports that we generate with the tool,” Eric explained, “and in some cases we will sell the reports, but never for less than $5000,” (which, by the way, is many times the cost of an unlimited annual subscription to the product.”

To learn more about the tool used by ARRC and CharTec, visit www.rapidfiretools.com.