Cut your costs on Office 365 migrations before the end of the year.

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bittitanIt’s migration season, and not just for the birds. Moving your small-to-midsized business customers to the cloud is a great way bring

in more revenue – especially during November and December. Getting your migration projects in during these months is advantageous for several reasons; none of which more significant than capitalizing on that year-end spending push. But where do you start?

Fortunately, two new package deals from BitTitan, Office 365 migration experts, make this decision a lot easier and help you cut costs. BitTitan’s Office 365 QuickStart bundle, featuring the automated solution UserActivation, enables partners to get their first Office 365 onboarding project of up to 30 seats free. UserActivation removes the risks from the onboarding process and turns it into a few simplified steps – from helping you choose the right plan and auto-discovering all user accounts, to migrating mailboxes and configuring Outlook and all desktop applications. At a $900 value, the Office 365 QuickStart bundle is the perfect solution to move to the cloud, risk-free.

Looking to migrate only your mailbox and configure Outlook for Office 365? BitTitan’s Office 365 Activation bundle includes two automated data migration solutions – MigrationWiz and DeploymentPro. MigrationWiz seamlessly moves all data from your existing mailbox, including calendars, documents, PSTs, archives, tasks, and public folders, to a destination server of your choice. DeploymentPro is the perfect complement to MigrationWiz, because it automatically configures all Outlook clients for Office 365. Plus, like all BitTitan solutions, it runs quietly in the background, which means you’ll experience no user downtime during the entire process. This makes your move to Office 365 even smoother, and removes virtually all risks involved. Right now, the Office 365 Activation bundle is available for $13.99 per user.

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