Migrate Dropbox Data – Not Headaches

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BitTitan 100Moving to a business cloud solution but worried about your document archives? Trying to consolidate employee instituted solutions into a secure corporate

infrastructure? Projects like this are no small undertaking. But whether you're migrating a few gigs of data to one destination, or several terabytes from multiple sources to multiple destinations, BitTitan solutions safely automate the entire process.

BitTitan MigrationWiz is the first and only solution capable of migrating data from Dropbox to more enterprise-friendly storage such as OneDrive for Business and Google Drive. This is an ideal way for companies looking to standardize or consolidate corporate data to one secure cloud-based platform, and move away from a less secure shadow IT environment.

Shadow IT might be incredibly convenient for employees, but the convenience isn’t without its risks. Common issues associated with using a shadow IT solution such as Dropbox include:

  • On-premise IT departments did not develop it, and therefore do not actively support and monitor it
  • Users can simply create an account and start using it without on-premise IT involved in the decision-making process
  • It increases the likelihood of unofficial and uncontrolled data flows, increasing the risk of a security breach

Moving data away from shadow IT is the logical choice, but the trick is doing it effectively and without causing any business disruption. BitTitan MigrationWiz is a simple yet powerful data migration solution that turns a complex process into a few small steps. It runs entirely from a cloud-based web portal, allowing for easy access from anywhere, and requires no technical knowledge to use. Moving from Dropbox to a Google Drive or OneDrive for Business doesn’t just exist on your wish list anymore – with MigrationWiz, it’s a reality. To get started on your first project with MigrationWiz, register here.