There are a lot of factors to consider when making hiring decisions for your business. As a business owner do you feel like you are rushed when it comes to making a hire?  Do you want to have your new hire hit the ground running? 

With 2020 bringing lots of changes and the need for more positive vibes a group of IT vendors got together to host a mult icity covid safe events.  The goal of these events, was not only to keep people safe but also to get out and give a positive opportunity to meet during these uncertain times. 

Although many of us are wanting 2020 to end as soon as possible, there is still time to make tax planning moves.  With the year coming to a close and preparations and goal planning already going into 2021, now is as good of time as any to start getting your tax documents ready. 

With many companies juggling so many pieces within their business from back office to front office activities, PSA tools help to establish a constant process for planning, managing, and measuring the performance of each project throughout its lifecycle. 

Phelim Rowe joins SMB Nation to share his thoughts and predictions for 2021.  He touches base on the skills shortage in the industry,  security, and events.  Join Phelim and SMB Nation as they look at Phelim’s predictions on jobs and skills and much much more in 2021. 


Phelim Predictions

After a long career in law Jack Isaacs has decided to pursue his passion in private equity.  Jack has opened up a private equity firm that targets technology firms as they tend to be the ones that grow quickly time and time again.

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