Technology is moving  faster than ever before.  From robots responding to customers, AI anticipating orders before they are placed, and the ability to stream music, share cars, and have groceries delivered at the touch of a button is being driven by the latest technology innovations.  With technology transforming daily it has opened up opportunities for cybersecurity attackers to use new technology for their advantage meanwhile defenders are trying to keep up. 

The growing dependency on technology has resulted in a increasing number of cyber security threats.  As the cyber security landscape changes, it is becoming more important than ever for business owners to look at and understand cyber security, as well as their business risks, vulnerability and how it can affect their business should they be attacked. 

We are seeing a major shift in cyber insurance as  premiums have increased between 30% and 110%.  One school district even reported a 334% increase in their cybersecurity policy.  As more and more big names are breached or hit with nasty ransomware strains, many are realizing the consequences and financial stresses this can have on their company. 

When was the last time you bought a product or received a service where you went wow, this is really cool?  In today’s ever changing world it have become harder and harder to wow your customers.  Wowing your customers goes beyond just caring for customers, it takes more than doing what you promised. This may seem simple and obvious, but in the hustle and bustle of daily work, it's often overlooked.   

Building a successful company is about more than hiring the right talent.  While hiring is important, it is just as, if not more important to help employees grow into valuable contributors to the team.   Empowering employees is an important part of boosting the culture, morale, and employees value within the company. 

After 14 years with Microsoft, Caroline Goles embarks on a new opportunity as Vice President of Digital Sales Strategy with Pax8.  With her vast experience in the worldwide channel, she is excited to join the Pax8 team to provide critical insights into the complexities of operating a global operations, as well as share her love and passion for the partner community. 

With the pandemic hitting hard and fast and few businesses having a plan for a global crisis, many businesses learned valuable lessons during the historic moment.   With most employees leaving their office with no return day both owners, employees, and clients learned  valuable lessons that many things cam be done from remote locations. 

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