SMB Nation’s Harry Brelsford independently reviews the new Network Discovery feature in Atera’s flagship Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) and Professional Services Automation (PSA)

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Join us June 1-2, 2020 in Denver, Colorado for the ANSWERS 20/20 conference. You have questions about the cannabis technology vertical as a Managed Services Provider (MSP) and we have answers. This is the first conference in the world focused on this vertical from a technology perspective for MSPs – you

Australian Michael Jenkin (checks in with us on the massive fires. Jenkin is right in the middle of it. After a general update, Jenkin talks about how its impacting technology infrastructure (including ordering supplies and allowing extra shipping days). The conversation then focuses on the importance of business continuity

I’ve teamed with Kevin Hunter at Northwest Digital News for a two part series to review Forrester’s Jay McBain ten predictions for 2020 in the technology channel. In part one, we highlight a few predictions at the front of the study. Nest week – in part two, we’ll finish our analysis.

Contributor Josh Liberman updates the Nation community on his recent adventure in Paris for DattaCon Europe. He speaks towards the difference between US-based shows and vendors and the overseas makeup. There are differences indeed. He

Well-known community member Rich Forsen has elevated his Washington DC-area Managed Services Provider (MSP) practice to the point where he’s acting as an owner and not the pie maker (ala “The E-myth Revisited” book).

With great interest I tracked the recent announcement that Cisco was “back” in the small business space. I reached out to Cisco for more details and had an interview with Marc Monday, Global Head of Small Business, at Cisco. Monday is a long-time acquaintance of SMB Nation with his Microsoft and Concur/SAP stints.  

First let’s rewind a bit to track Cisco’s small business history working with the SMB Nation community and how that’ll provide you the context needed to assess Cisco’s current small business fitness. First

Contributor Ken Dwight shares one last MSP being hit in cybersecurity scenario (recently in Houston) before revealing his own rebranding in 2020! Dwight has long been known as the “Virus Doctor” with a community education business model. However

This month contributor Denis Wilson reaches across the yellow line to talk about Google Chrome and a new password checker. “It’s a great thing because we’ve struggled with our customer’s ‘buy-in’ to pay for a password checker.” Wilson

At the recent Data Night in Seattle, I interview Christy Marble of Visier and give her the name “Dr. Kill Joy” as a reaction to her thoughtful but tough presentation (ouchie). She likes to arms her marketers with hands-on data and challenges her staff to