We seek to lead by example. Technology professionals know the transformation motion well to stay current and relevant. With the startup/start over mentality in our community building efforts, we are proud to announce the launch of Microsoft 365 Nation (M365nation)!

What is M365nation?

Independent. First and foremost we are an outside-looking-in community of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 enthusiasts who provide you deep independent insights and visibility into a 365 world.   

The concept is old but the idea always feels new: cause marketing. Take one part business motivation and one part altruism and you have the halo effect of cause marketing. Pick a cause, almost any cause, and tie your marketing messaging and activities to it.

Too often we make an assumption that everyone in the SMB Nation community is a seasoned professional in the IT services field. So I dunked under a cold bucket of water to clear my mind and revisit the idea of helping newbies enter our managed services provider (MSP) profession. We NEED YOU

Leading community members Bob Nitrio and John Krikke impart insights at the recent NexGen conference in Southern California. Say what you must but business is still done in-person and the relationships

Late last year, before the holidays, Astro the English Springer Spaniel who is very much the face of the SMB Nation, passed away at the ripe old age of 14.5 years old.

This is not your typical carnival barker pitch to dupe you into watching a advertorial. Nope. This reply of the recent 4Q Analyst report is all In perhaps the most cross-community collaborative effort to date – three SMB channel MSP hot shots have teamed to present forecasts, wisdom and

The question of the year: Is Cisco Embracing MSPs and SMB Partners?

At the recent Cisco Partner Summit, Cisco held a half-day MSP summit. The idea is that the new management team

With profound pleasure, one of the works that will define SMB Nation's analytical contribution to the Universe has just been released! Using math, we have created a predictive model that correlates the true rate of "feet on the street" inflation - and how it impacts the SMB Nation working man and woman!

A rising tide raises all ships – that would be the basic story for Small Business Saturday 2018. Say what you must but the economy on Main Street is humming with job and wage growth followed by Goldilocks conditions of a healthy housing sector, modest interest rates and still strong domestic equity markets. I report on Small Business Saturday

It’s that time again to participate in our periodic survey – MSP business operations. Your insights and wisdom help the community as a whole and we’ll present the results in a future post so you can individually benefit. Your participation helps us create a crystal ball to have visibility into the future!

Colonel Matt Elledge was the featured speaker at Canon multi-function printer (MFP) product launch at SpiceWorld 2018 in Austin, Tx (October 2018) In this podcast, Elledge speaks about creating buy-in inside your team. His book is based on four principles that helps leaders create TIME - so leaders can work on the business, not in the business.

Remember this guy? Just before election day, I caught up with Jonathan Friebert who is well-known in the SMB Nation community as the past director of Microsoft’s Voices for Innovation (VFI) – a non-partisan, political trade association