Which Social Media Platform Do I Use?

Analytics/ Analysis

All social media platforms should not be treated equally, and thus when building your social media approach you should take into account what materials you want to share. If we take a closer look at the different platforms you see that each holds its own purpose, audience and exposure levels. 

Lets look at Facebook for example.  Facebook reveals itself best for emotional driven content.  So if you are looking to make strong business connections, something like LinkedIn may be a better fit.  Although, each platform does hold its own place, the most important thing for you to do is know the goals you want to achieve through your campaign.  Doing this will allow you to properly choose a platform that will allow you to gain exposure online and connect with people who are not only next door, but around the world.  Watch as Phelim and Harry chat about the different social media platforms and cross promotion between them.


Phelim Rowe