Snowflake: Women in Technology

Analytics/ Analysis

At a late summer “Data Night” event, we chat with Denise Perrson (CMO at Snowflake) about women in technology. We caught her right before her flight and she highlights that women, once presented with an opportunity, take too long to make a

decision and the opportunity is GONE! When you have an opportunity – say YES!!!

By the way – here is the context of the event. The Data Night Seattle panel will feature four female CMOs who have been integral in building their fast-growing companies to a combined $25B. They'll each share from their wealth of knowledge and experience in leveraging data and innovations to drive business growth and answer questions like "What kind of data is important to their organization?", "What specifically do they look for that takes data to insight?", "What tools are best for turning data insights into impactful ROI?", and more.