On the Road: Silicon Valley and Community Maturity

Analytics/ Analysis

Reporting that the small and medium business (SMB) managed services provider (MSP) community’s sad demise are greatly exaggerated! On my recent trip to the Silicon Valley just south of San Francisco, I ZEROED on trying to get together with long-time community members for a few reasons.


Figure 1: Attendees at the 2004 SMB Nation Fall Conference received a jacket that went on to symbolize our community! #TrueThat 

Watch my vid HERE for the following thoughts. 

First and foremost was the storm of storms that presented severe traffic challenges – the winter of ’19. Second was a natural maturity within the community where monthly user group meetings have been replaced with social media-based groups and texting as the new togetherness. Finally the reality that life happens is slow walking into our cabal. Spouse health issues, focus on the family and outside interests have a dilutive effect on core community-isms. And it’s a nature act.

PS – catch my small business success tip to save money via AirBNB instead of staying in hotels! My trip had me staying in a hacker house just like the set of HBO’s Silicon Valley.