Welcome Microsoft 365 Nation!

Analytics/ Analysis

We seek to lead by example. Technology professionals know the transformation motion well to stay current and relevant. With the startup/start over mentality in our community building efforts, we are proud to announce the launch of Microsoft 365 Nation (M365nation)!

What is M365nation?

Independent. First and foremost we are an outside-looking-in community of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 enthusiasts who provide you deep independent insights and visibility into a 365 world.   

Ombudsman. We’re based in Seattle which means we’re HERE to represent YOU in our insider relationship with Microsoft. Based on your direct and survey feedback, we take your concerns direct to the hallways of Microsoft Redmond.

NextGen O365nation. Can you believe it that we started Office 365 Nation five years ago as a spinoff of SMB Nation? In that time we’ve built a new community that includes larger MSPs (e.g. GSIs) and IT Pros. The day has arrived to transform the O365nation to M365nation. You’re getting an upgrade!

Wash, Rinse, Repeat. We have created several communities since the start of time (SMB Nation, Telephonation, Cloud Nation, O365nation). It’s what we do and our core competency. We’re not learning on the job but we realize we can always improve. Your participation and feedback is part of that.

Open and Affirming. Membership is open to all and at no cost. At the community level you gain access to the basic content. At the Premium-level you get to participate in small group briefings, contests and event. We welcome the entire technology community of Managed Services Providers (MSP), resellers, partners, consultants, VARs, VAPs, computer people, IT Pros and the like.

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Please join and support our community - we count on your support to be an indpendent voice in a 365 world! Click HERE

Nuts and Bolts

Let’s grab a lower gear. The Microsoft 365 community site is all about.

Pillar Topics. We are launching with a focus on SECURITY because it’s a hot topic. We will add more pillars over the next few months but we’ll add more pillars including Windows (e.g. Win7 EOL) and new initiatives such as Device as a Service (DaaS). Keep it tuned right here.

Vault. Start here and explore our vids, webinars, and brain sharpeners (word of the week, question of the week).

Analysis: Content. This is where you can kick back to the written words offered by the staff and contributors. Always relevant, in part based on your feedback.

Answers. This is really powerful. Ask you Microsoft 365 questions. We’ll get you the answers.

Next Steps

Visit our site HERE and double-click down to learn more about us. Then sign-up as a community member show we can drive mutual success with Microsoft 365!

Microsoft 265 Nation and M365nation are part of the SMB Nation family.